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Call for PHD Applications at the University of Macerata by September 4, 2018

The University of Macerata, Italy has announced a call for applications for the following PHD Programmes/

PhD programme in LINGUISTICS, PHILOLOGICAL, LITERARY STUDIES Ancient and Modern Languages and Literatures Linguistics, Philology, Text Interpretation Memories and Digital Humanities

PhD programme in HUMAN SCIENCES Education Philosophy, History of Philosophy and Human Sciences History, Politics and Institutions in the Mediterranean Area Psychology, Communication and Social science

PhD programme in LEGAL STUDIES Private Law and Legal Proceedings in a Comparative and European Perspective Law and Individual Rights Institutions and Local Community in the National, European and International Perspective History and Theory of Law

PhD programme in QUANTITATIVE METHODS FOR ECONOMIC POLICY Multisectoral and Computational Methods of Analysis for Economic Policy Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Economic Policy Network Analysis and Online Data Mining Methods for Economic Policy PhD programme in GLOBAL STUDIES, LAW, RIGHTS, POLITICS

At least 70% of PHD applicants get funded, applications end by September 4, 2018. For more information please check Here and Here

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