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DAAD/UCA-Programme 2022


The primary aim of this grant programme is to support doctoral studies in the fields of engineering, informatics, economics, business administration, communication studies/media science and earth and environmental sciences for suitably qualified candidates.


  • monthly payments of 1,200 Euro

  • payments towards health, accident and personal liability insurance cover

  • travel allowances

  • research allowance on a yearly basis

  • grant holders may receive the following additional benefits:

    • monthly rent subsidy

    • monthly allowance for accompanying family members.


  • applicants should not have graduated any longer than six years before the application deadline.

  • the required language level depends on the applicant’s study plans and subject. As a rule, at least a good knowledge of German language is usually expected. For natural sciences and engineering, proof of good English language skills may also be accepted, if English is spoken at the host institute.


November 30, 2022

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