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French Institute For Demographic Studies (INED) FamilEA Project PhD Scholarship 2023


The French Institute for Demographic Studies (INED) is a public research institute. We conduct research on various demographic issues (fertility and family, health and mortality, migration, etc.) and inform the public about current developments. We are multidisciplinary in our recruitment and research, manage a total of 250 staff members (tenured, on contract and doctoral students) and host many associate researchers and visiting international scholars. INED is an active member of a network of national and international research partnerships.


The successful candidate is expected to attend FamilEA’s opening conference in Geneva (8-9 June 2023), and to take part in collective qualitative fieldwork in Nairobi and Kampala (23 July to 14 August 2023), activities which will be funded.


• A Master’s degree in history, political science or in any other relevant field

• Excellent knowledge of English; knowledge of additional languages spoken in Kenya or Uganda, as well as French, would be an asset

• Good interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team

• A fieldwork experience in East Africa or in the global South more broadly would be an asset

• Experience in interdisciplinary research and mixed methods would also be a strength.


15th June 2023

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