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Fully Funded Lester B. Pearson Scholarship In Canada 2025


The Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships at the University of Toronto offer an exceptional opportunity for outstanding international students to study at one of the world’s top universities in one of the most diverse cities. This scholarship program aims to recognize students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement and creativity and are seen as leaders within their school. There is a special focus on the student’s impact on their school and community and their potential to contribute positively to the global community in the future.


Successful students will enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Full Tuition Fees.

  • Books will be Provided.

  • Health Insurance During the Program.

  • Incidental Allowance

  • Full Support During the 4 Years Program.


Additionally, interested students should meet the following criteria:

  • Candidate Must be an International Student 

  • Final Year students of Secondary School or have graduated no earlier than June 2024.

  • The applicant must be ready to attend the beginning of studies at the University of Toronto in September 2025.

  • Candidates must demonstrate exceptional academic achievement, typically represented by their grades and academic records.

  • Applicants should possess strong leadership qualities and have demonstrated leadership potential through their involvement in school, community, or extracurricular activities. 

  • Candidates should exhibit a genuine commitment to making a positive impact in their communities and society as a whole. This can be demonstrated through their previous community service, advocacy work, or initiatives that address social, environmental, or economic challenges.

Deadline: November 08, 2024

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