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Harvard University Aspire Leaders Program


Candidates for the program receive a host of leadership, academic, and professional development resources through a tiered application structure that reaches thousands of students globally. Over 16,000 students from 130 countries applied for the Aspire Leaders Program in 2022. Students access self-assessment tools, fully funded Harvard course materials, and live seminars with world-class educators. Through a global and intellectual community, participants interact with the global community as they grapple with questions of identity, technology, ethics, and structural change.


Aspire’s multi-stage program offers a host of benefits to thousands of applicants. These include:

For participants in stages 1-3:

  1. Machine-learning-based skills assessment and recommendations for improvement

  2. Fully-funded HarvardX courses

  3. Live, interactive sessions featuring world-class educators from Harvard and other leading institutions worldwide from a range of disciplinary backgrounds.

For participants in stage 4:

Aspire Institute will invite a selection of participants to apply for stage 5. These students will partake in professional development workshops and compile an application that includes:

  1. Resume

  2. Personal Statement

  3. Two letters of recommendation

  4. Academic transcript

  5. Video interview

Stage 5, immersive learning:

  1. Intensive final cohort program with case-study-based curricula

  2. Gain access to Alumni Network Programs and Extended Leadership Opportunities


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