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Hertie School of Governance 2023/2024 Doctoral Programme for International Students


With a PhD obtained in Doctoral Programme in Governance, students are at the cutting edge of social science knowledge in a field that has emerged as one of the most important and dynamic fields of inquiry. It brings together perspectives from economics, political science, law, and sociology and requires excellence in qualitative and quantitative methodologies. It is problem-oriented, both in a theoretical as well as practical sense. Above all, the field of governance is inherently comparative, international, and policy-oriented.


  • The Hertie School of Governance does not charge tuition fees for its doctoral programmes but seeks to ensure that all admitted candidates have secured the financial means to support the three-year doctoral programme in Berlin. It, therefore, offers 10 living cost stipends of 1,250 euros per month (including 100 euros for research and travelling) for a period of three years.

  • The Student Affairs team (studentaffairs[at]hertie-school[dot]org) offers support in administrative issues such as visas, residence permits, health insurance, etc.


  • The programme is designed for students with a desire to understand fundamental problems and patterns of governance at the highest level of academic research.

  • Candidates should have a very strong foundation in one of the disciplines represented at the Hertie School of Governance – economics, law, political science, sociology, public administration/management, and related fields.

  • They should be open to interdisciplinary research and comparative perspectives, as governance and public policy issues typically transcend the boundaries of academic disciplines.


1st February 2023

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