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King’s College London Burdett Postgraduate Nursing Scholarship 2023/2024 For International Students


The scholarships are generously funded by The Burdett Trust for Nursing and cover both tuition fees and living costs. The scholarships will have a particular focus on developing leadership and research capacity within the nursing profession.

Those successful in securing a scholarship will be known as The Burdett Fellows.

As part of the scholarship scheme, you will be able to take one of the programmes outlined below. These two programmes lay the foundations for nurses who aspire to develop into senior leadership roles and enable them to build the knowledge and skills needed to influence national and international nursing policy.

We are collaborating with the School of Health In Social Science at the University of Edinburgh and their Burdett Fellows, also funded through The Burdett Trust for Nursing. This collaboration will have a particular focus on building a research leadership network for Burdett Fellows. This will provide peer support and an opportunity for growth and sustainability building both nationally and globally.


Two awards (one for home and one for an international applicant) are available for full-time entry into one of our relevant postgraduate courses. For UK (Home) students, the award will cover a stipend of £10,250 per annum and the University fees for the programme. For international students, the award will cover a stipend of £17,425 per annum and University fees for the programme.


All nurses applying for the above full-time courses are eligible for these scholarships, including UK, EU and overseas students. Applicants should also be present in London during the academic year for on-campus teaching delivery and face-to-face contact.


30th August 2023

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