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LUCAS-LAHRI Virtual Research Fellowships Scheme 2023 for African Researchers


The Leeds University Centre for African Studies (LUCAS), in collaboration with the Leeds Arts and Humanities Research Institute (LAHRI), is pleased to announce up to six short-term virtual visiting research fellowships for 2023.

The Virtual Visiting Research Fellowships are short-term (six-month) fellowships for academics based at institutions on the African continent, who, through these positions, will be given an opportunity to undertake a well-defined piece of research with a view to establishing research partnerships with academics at the University of Leeds.


Each fellowship comes with an award of £1,000, to be used by the applicant for research expenses and/or buy-out from teaching duties at their institution.


Candidates who have completed their Ph.D. by the application deadline at any university are eligible as long as they are currently based at an academic institution on the African continent. Proposals from arts, humanities, humanistic social sciences and adjacent disciplines are welcome as long as they broadly and critically engage with the theme of “African ecologies.” Applicants must confirm that a University of Leeds academic staff member has agreed to support their application.


  • 17th February 2023

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