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Michigan State University MSU Graduate Assistantships 2024 For International Students


Graduate assistantship (GA) is a generic term referring to financial support of graduate students that results in a stipend and compensation and for which performance of defined duties is expected. Specific graduate assistant appointments are made in one of three categories: research assistants, teaching assistants represented by the Graduate Employees Union, and teaching assistants not represented by the MSU – Graduate Employees Union Collective Bargaining Agreement.

More than 3,000 assistantships are available to qualified graduate students at Michigan State University. The University is concerned with the quality of educational experience that graduate assistants receive, and, for teaching assistants, also the quality of the instruction that they provide to undergraduates.

Graduate assistants are enrolled students whose primary association with MSU is directed toward advance degree completion. Satisfactory progress toward earning a degree is a condition of maintaining the assistantship. Departments may limit the number of years that a graduate student may hold an assistantship.


Checks are distributed on a biweekly basis. Graduate assistants at any of the three levels may be appointed on a quarter–time, half–time, or three–quarter–time basis with an appropriate adjustment in the stipend. Additional benefits, even though the graduate student does not enroll for 10 credits or more, include the following:

  • Tuition waiver in the amount of 9 credits for fall semester, 9 credits for spring semester, and 5 credits for summer session

  • Exemption from out–of–state resident tuition.

  • Specific college or program fees, applicable to all graduate students enrolled in a specific college or program, may apply and are not waived.

  • Health Insurance.

  • Eligibility for treatment at Olin Health Center.

  • Library privileges, intramural and recreative facilities privileges, and eligibility to join the Michigan State University Federal Credit Union.

  • Eligibility for student discounts on football, basketball, and/or hockey season tickets for themselves and their spouses.

  • Eligibility for free admission to other regularly scheduled Michigan State University athletic events when presenting a valid student ID card.

  • Eligibility for student discounts on series tickets to professional performing arts events at the Wharton Center for Performing Arts and Institute for Arts and Culture, including one guest ticket at the student rate.

  • Exemption from payment of the Social Security tax on the stipend if the student is enrolled for the minimum number or required credits.


  • Graduate assistantships are available only to graduate students who are in good standing and actively pursuing graduate degree programs.

  • International graduate assistants must check in online with the Office for International Students and Scholars. Check-in instructions will be sent to their MSU email account.

  • Graduate assistants must be registered each semester in which they hold assistantships as follows: Doctoral students with quarter-time or half-time assistantships must carry at least 3 credits (exceptions stated in chart). They may carry a maximum of 16 course credits (for a quarter-time appointment) or 12 course credits (for a half -time appointment), excluding 899/999 credits. Doctoral students who have passed comprehensive exams may enroll for 1 credit the semester after the student’s unit administrator submits the completed exam form to the appropriate college Associate Dean and the college sends the approval to the Office of the Registrar . Note: There is a maximum of 36, 999 credits for all doctoral students.

  • Master’s students with quarter-time assistantships or half-time assistantships must carry at least 6 credits. They may carry a maximum of 16 course credits (for a quarter-time appointment) or 12 course credits (for a half -time appointment), excluding 899/999 credits.

  • Doctoral and master’s students with three-quarter-time assistantships must carry at least 3 credits. They may carry a maximum of 8 course credits, excluding 899/999 credits.

  • During the summer session, graduate assistants must carry a minimum of 3 credits.*

  • Visitor credits may count as part of a student’s credit load if approved in writing by the student’s department chair or unit director, college and the Dean of the Graduate School.

  • Deviations from the minimum enrollment requirements listed above, except as noted for doctoral students, are permitted only during the semester in which the degree is granted, when students must enroll for at least the number of credits required to complete the degree or meet the University minimum registration requirement of one credit.

  • Any deviation from the maximum credit requirements must have the written approval of the dean of the student’s college before registration.

  • Graduate enrollment must be in courses recognized as being of graduate level unless the student’s department, school or program has granted written permission for course work constituting an exception to this policy.

  • Graduate assistants must achieve and maintain satisfactory academic records. This means a 3.00 or higher grade point average. Appointing units or colleges may establish additional or higher required standards.

  • Recommendation for appointment as a graduate assistant must be made by the department chairperson or school/program director.

  • Lifelong Education students and College of Law students (except if dually enrolled in an MSU graduate program) are not eligible for graduate assistantships. Dually enrolled bachelor’s/master’s degree students are not eligible for graduate assistantships until the minimum number of credits required for a first bachelor’s degree is completed.

Deadline: 31st of October 2023

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