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Novo Nordisk International Talent Programme 2024 (Funded To Study At University Of Copenhagen)


Novo Nordisk International Talent Programme is a scholarship programme set up to assist students from the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU) in a range of select academic fields seeking to study abroad at the University of Copenhagen.


  • The scholarship may be spent towards the cost of tuition fees, travel costs, insurance, and other expenses incurred in connection with studying abroad at UCPH.

  • The scholarship will typically amount to approximately EURO € 1200 a month. Depending on the costs and length of the study abroad at UCPH, it may increase up to EURO € 26000 in total.


To be eligible to apply, the candidate must:

  • be enrolled in a degree programme at an IARU university or Harvard University

  • apply for admission to UCPH as an exchange or guest student

  • Study at a third-year Bachelor’s level or Master’s level while at UCPH in one of the following programmes: Bioinformatics, Biochemistry, Biology, Biology-Biotechnology, Public Health, Food Innovation and Health, Global Health, Human Nutrition, Human Biology, Human Physiology, Immunology and Inflammation, Health Informatics, Chemistry, Medicine, Medicine and Technology, Molecular Biomedicine, Nanoscience and Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • meet a GPA requirement of a minimum of 3

  • engage in study activities pertaining to metabolism, insulin, haemoglobin and obesity


  • 25th October 2023

  • 1st April 2024

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