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Open Doors Russian Scholarship 2024 For International Master’s & PhD Students


The Open Doors International Olympiad is starting for the seventh time! Depending on the chosen direction, the winners of the Olympiad will be able to enroll for free in the master’s or postgraduate programs of their chosen University. Participants of the doctoral track will be able to choose a future research supervisor and pass an interview with them during the Olympiad


Your tuition fee will be paid by the Russian Federation. You will only have to cover your travel and accommodation costs, insurance and personal expenses.


  • Foreigners can participate in the Olympiad, as well as compatriots permanently residing abroad.

  • Participants of the master’s track must have a bachelor’s or specialist’s degree or be completing an appropriate level of education in 2023. Participants of the doctoral track will need a specialist’s or a master’s degree.

  • Both master’s and doctoral tracks include 2 rounds that are held online. The first round is a portfolio competition. Those who have been successfully selected after the evaluation of the portfolios are invited to take part in the second round – the Olympiad itself, which is a series of proctored online tests.

  • Doctoral track includes one additional round which consists of an interview with potential research advisors at the participant’s choice. If the interview is successful, the participant chooses a research advisor from among those who gave them a pass.

Deadline: 1st of December 2023

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