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The Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris Mathematical Sciences Scholarship by May 10, 2019

Brief Description:

The Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris offers to students, selected through an online application process, some scholarships of 1 or 2 years in one of the universities of its network. The laureates will be able to register to the universities of the FSMP network. They will benefit from a range of courses based on the skills of the whole parisian laboratories in mathematical sciences research.

This program is supported in particular by the French Embassies in South Africa and Lesotho, Albania, Austria, Bolivia, Cameroon, Korea, Hungary, Iran, Iceland, Japan, Madagascar, Nigeria, Quebec, Romania and Togo. Ukraine, Sudan, Uruguay and Vietnam; as well as by Paris Sciences Lettres University (PSL), INRIA, and Paris 13 University (LAGA).

Be careful, PGSM scholarships cannot be combined with other financial help (apart from joint programs with French embassies or "instituts français").

How to register

There are 2 calls of applications each year:

1) October 1st 2018 to January 26th 2019 (11.59 pm, Paris Time) : this call is open to students who carried out a bachelor degree or a first year of master outside of France. Applications must be made online, here.

2) December 1st 2018 to May 10th 2019 (11.59 pm, Paris Time) : this call is open for the same students above mentioned and students who

carried out a bachelor degree or a first year of master in one of the universities of the FSMP's network. Applications must be made online, here.

Female student are particularly encouraged to apply. Moreover, during the second call, an additional M2 scholarship in Pure Mathematics, financed by IMJ-PRG, will be awarded to a female student who has completed her M1 in mathematics or prepared "agrégation de mathématiques" in Sorbonne University (Paris 6) or Paris Diderot University (Paris 7).

The scholarship

This scholarship  is available for students who wish to pursue their study in the first and/or in the second year of master in fundamental mathematics and theoretical computer science.


This program is only available for students who can benefit from the French social coverage for students. Thus, for this call for applications, only applicants born after September, 1st 1992 are able to apply to a M2 scholarship (or October, 1st 1993 for a 2-year scholarship)

Starting date

The scholarship starts on September,1st 2019. It is mandatory for PGSM laureates to be in Paris on September 1st to benefit from intensive french courses and to complete the administrative procedures.

The scholarship

The laureates PGSM laureates receive a scholarship of 1100 euros per month maximum : 600€/month + 500 €/month for a housing benefit (upon justification only)

The FSMP will take care of finding an accommodation for the laureates in students residence under preferential conditions. Furthermore, the FSMP reimburses each laureate the cost of a return ticket from his/her home country to Paris (one return ticket in economic class per year)

Laureates for M2 studies will receive a scholarship for 10 months (+ 2 months if they want to do a doctorate in France). Laureates for M1 studies will receive a 12-month scholarship. The extension of the scholarship for a second year is subject to the successful completion of the fist year and the jury's approval.

Administrative and scientific support

The administrative team of the Foundation helps every students to be well integrated in the Paris' microcosm. The team also helps them for any administrative procedures such as Universtity registration, medical care or Visa's procedure.

Laureates benefit from a scientific supervision and a follow-up of their school results:

Advice on courses : The laureates benefit from personalized advice from a tutor at the Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris who will be his/her tutor during one or two years. The tutor advises his/her student on what courses to choose, depending on his/her previous education and plans for further study. He can also gives advice on what to do after the first year of master and help his/her students consider the option of further study at the end of the master.Direction of studies : The Foundation and the director of studies regularly check on the scientific progress of PGSM students. Individual support, relying on doctoral students for example, can be set up on a case-by-case basis.For non French speaking students : Students' tutors may propose non-french speaking pupils to be helped in English, and may guide them to follow some trainings to learn French as a foreign language. It is wisely advised for students who do not speak any French to undertake some intensive training before the beginning of the school year, in their host university.


Selection is made through the excellency of each student's academic records linked to their Bachelor years .

Decision is made by the PGSM Steering Committee.

The committee will only consider applications for which all the requested documents have been uploaded by the closing date of the call.

For more information, click here


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