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The International Climate Protection Fellowships by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation 2022/2023


The International Climate Protection Fellowships, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation enables prospective leaders working practically to implement a research-based proposal in the field of climate protection or climate-related resource conservation during a one-year stay in Germany.

The fellowships target prospective leaders from non European transition and developing countries, who possess extensive work experience outside academia. The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation runs the programme in cooperation with the Federation of German Industry (BDI), the Centre for International Postgraduate Studies in Environmental Management (CIPSEM) at TU Dresden, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU), the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the Renewables Academy AG (RENAC).


There are many benefits to being selected, including;

  • The monthly fellowship amount – depending on career stage – of €2,170, €2,470 or €2,670 for fellows.

  • Allowance for research costs amounting to €800 per month for research-based proposals in the natural and engineering sciences and €500 for proposals in the humanities and social sciences.

  • Lump sum for travel expenses if the costs are not borne by a third party.

  • Europe allowance for a maximum of one to two months spent researching at an institution in another European country during the fellowship, provided that this is necessary to carry out the research-based project in question.

  • Family allowances for visits by family members staying at least three months (up to €346 per month for the marital partner and up to €289 EUR per month for each child).

  • Allowances for single parents accompanied by children under the age of 18 who are staying at least three months (€400 per month for the first child, €100 per month for every additional child).

  • Extension of the fellowship by up to three months if children under the age of 12 accompany the fellow to Germany.


To be eligible for a the fellowship you must:

  • Have your first university degree (Bachelor’s or equivalent), completed less than 12 years previously, counting back from the end of the application period

  • Extensive work experience (at least 48 months at the time of application) in the field of climate protection or climate-related resource conservation

  • Choice of a research-based project in the field of climate protection or climate-related resource conversation

  • Citizenship of a non-European transition or developing country which is also the applicant’s habitual residence and place of work

  • Two expert references by individuals qualified to comment on the candidate’s professional, personal and, if applicable, academic eligibility as well as his/her leadership potential.

Application Deadline: February 1st, 2023.

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