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Updated: Apr 23, 2021

At GetIn Education Consulting, we are passionate about helping African students connect with opportunities that advance their academic and career goals. This passion drives our commitment to contribute meaningfully to the educational empowerment of young Africans. In 2018, we launched our Application Fee Grant, the first project in our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy based on the third pillar of the GetIn brand. That pillar is Advocacy, and what it means is that we advocate for better education in developing countries and welcome opportunities to collaborate for this cause. We have compiled 100 scholarships that African students are eligible for in the hope that it will be a huge step forward in your educational and career pursuits. Downloading this resource also means you have become a part of our GetInsider community, a community where we are committed to the academic and overall success of every GetInsider. Finally, before you download this resource, don’t forget to share this link with as many people as would find this helpful!


Hey, Scholarship Hopeful!

Securing scholarships can be very competitive, but through our signature program the Graduate School Application Bootcamp, we will coach you on how to submit applications that cannot be ignored and improve your chances of securing the most competitive scholarships around the world.

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