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Apply for Harvard IGLP & Thailand Institute of Justice Workshop for Emerging Policy Professionals

The Thailand Institute of Justice and the Harvard Institute of Global Law and Policy (IGLP) convene a concurrent workshop for selected emerging policy professionals during the IGLP Scholars Workshop. Together, the two Workshops offer a unique environment for discussion between policy professionals and the most innovative young scholars undertaking research in their respective fields.

The TIJ Workshop for Emerging Leaders offers a unique opportunity for practitioners from different sectors to engage with their global peers in policy dialogue facilitated by a network of international and interdisciplinary faculty from the TIJ and the Institute for Global Law & Policy at Harvard Law School. This intensive week is designed exclusively for young and successful professionals to unlock the complex and dynamic linkages between the rule of law and policy making processes in the economic, political and social development at local, regional and international levels.

Like the IGLP Workshop, the TIJ Workshop focuses on peer-to-peer learning and the necessary skills for understanding the policies and initiatives that affect their lives and the world at large, while drawing upon the rule of law as a guiding framework. Participants have the opportunity to work with colleagues in TIJ Policy Workshop Teams to share their practical or policy experiences, brainstorm a range of innovative approaches to familiar challenges, and benefit from peer-to-peer engagement with guidance and mentoring from experienced faculty. They also participate in TIJ-IGLP streams offered by IGLP faculty to review current scholarly developments and engage in case-based learning while engaging with young scholars of law and policy from around the world.

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Application close September 21, 2018


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