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Apply for the $10,000 CSA Group Graduate 2021 Scholarship

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Brief Description

Since 1919, the CSA group (a Canadian standards organization) has supported graduate students interested in research that generates knowledge to improve existing standards and establish future standards. The organization awards $10,000 part-scholarship to individuals obtaining their Masters’ degrees in any accredited, public Canadian university.

Interested candidates can conduct a thesis in any field of their choice (e.g. arts and humanities, social sciences, engineering, health sciences) but must include standards as component research. However, the thesis does not need to be related to any areas where the CSA Group already has standards. The candidate’s research could focus on an existing standard. The study could also investigate new areas that could develop standards. This scholarship is open to all international students.


To be eligible for a CSA Graduate school scholarship, you must:

  • Be applying for a full-time graduate program at an accredited Canadian university or, you must be currently be enrolled in a Masters’ program at a Canadian university.

  • Candidate(s) awarded the scholarship must be enrolled in a Master’s program tohold the scholarship.


  • 10,000 CAD award to cover tuition costs

  • CSA Group scholar membership


March 31, 2021

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