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Ask Get In: How Can I Get Funding for a Masters Degree in the United States of America

The first question you need to ask is “Must my masters degree be from the USA?” Except there is a specific reason why you want to pursue this degree in the USA, the first thing you should do is broaden your horizon. Have you explored Canada, Ireland, Germany or Hong Kong? There are many more opportunities out there than you realize.

In addition, have you explored other schools apart from the ones that keep rejecting you? You can’t do something the same way and expect different results. We know rejection can be painful and can discourage you, but with the right strategies and your grades, you have a good chance.

You can also consider joining our Graduate School Application Bootcamp! to learn more strategies that can help with you submit a better application.

Finally, be inspired by Wamide’s story. After a few rejections, she changed her strategy and got a fully funded MBA!

We wish you the best going forward!


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