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Ask GetIn: Can I Pursue a Masters Degree with a Higher National Diploma (HND) Certificate?

Different schools have different policies regarding degrees that do not meet the traditional ‘4-year’ undergraduate requirement. It would be advisable to use an evaluation service such as the World Education Services (WES) to assess your degree and convert it to a recognized equivalent.

You may also want to reach out to the graduate admissions coordinator in charge to confirm what the school’s policy is.

If your chosen school is flexible with the undergraduate degree requirement, you still need to submit an application that portrays you in the best light. To have an edge over other applicants, you should highlight in your personal statement (and/or in your message to the graduate officer) how the HND has been able to offer you a relatively hands-on practical experience in the subject area.

You may also indicate how your years of relevant work experience ‘make up’ for the reduced years of undergraduate study.

We wish you the best in your endeavors!


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