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Ask GetIn: How Can I Get More Funding for Business School / A Graduate Degree

We suggest that you reach out to the school to ask if there is any additional financial assistance that the school can offer and also explain what unique perspective you will be adding to the program.

MBAs are usually expensive because the schools believe that successful applicants will reap the rewards of their investment in graduate school.

If the school does not offer additional funding, you may consider other external sources. For example, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation offers MBA scholarships to Africans, while the Forté Foundation offers MBA scholarships to women.

However, we usually advise applicants to be strategic about their choice of schools, as some schools are less willing to give scholarships since MBAs are a good source of income for the school .

Finally, you may also consider getting a student loan as there are loans specifically available for MBAs.

You can also consider joining our Graduate School Application Bootcamp! to learn strategies that can help with you submit a competitive scholarship profile.

We wish you the best as you forge ahead.


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