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French Institutes For Advanced Study (FIAS) Fellowship Programme 2024/2025 – Call For Applications


The French Institutes for Advanced Study Fellowship Programme offers 10-month fellowships in the five Institutes of Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier and Nantes. It welcomes applications from high-level international scholars and scientists, primarily in the fields of the social sciences and the humanities (SSH).


The FIAS fellows will benefit from the support and conducive scientific environment offered by the IAS, in an interdisciplinary cohort of fellows and in close relation to the local research potential. The fellows will be free to organize their work and conduct research as they wish.


  • FIAS awards fellowships to outstanding researchers of all career levels, from postdoctoral researchers to senior scientists. The minimum requirement is a Ph.D. + 2 years of research experience at the time of the application. The exception will be made for scholars with a Master's + 6 years of full-time research experience after the degree (Ph.D. training will not be considered in the calculation of experience).

  • Researchers from all countries are eligible for the FIAS Fellowship Programme, but they have to have spent no more than 12 months in France during the three years prior to the application deadline.


2nd June 2023

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