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Resources to Help You Prepare for GRE and GMAT Exams

Good performance on the GRE and GMAT exams, like any other exam, requires both time and effort on the part of the candidate. Although most of the questions on the test are based on concepts that a candidate may have studied in the past, it is necessary to review these concepts and practice as many questions as possible few months before taking the exam. There are a number of free and paid resources- tutorials, e-books and discussion forums available online to assist in preparing for both tests. Some of these resources also help in assisting students map out a study plan.


ETS Powerprep Online Tests

The official GRE website comes with free online practice tests that are accessible to students after registering for the exam. These practice tests give candidates a fair idea about the content of the test and have been built to provide a simulation of the test.(

ETS Essay topic pools, Argument and Issues

The test makers also provided an entire pool of tasks from which the essay prompt will be chosen. Practice with these essays will have a candidate prepared for the one on the test.(

Economist GRE Tutor

Manhattan GRE Practice Test (

Crunch Prep


Manhattan GMAT practice Test (

Magoosh’s Complete Guide to the GMAT


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