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Apply For The Wellcome Trust Four Year PhD Studentships in Science

Brief Description

This scheme funds PhD programmes that offer graduates outstanding training in scientific research.


You can apply for this award if you're the proposed director of a PhD programme. 

You must:

be employed at an eligible host organization in the UK or Republic of Ireland.

be an international leader in your research field.

have a strong track record in postgraduate research training.


For each student, we will provide support for:

PhD registration fees at the UK/EU student rate.

College fees (where required)

We'll also make a fixed contribution towards: research expenses, including the cost of animals training, including technical, discipline-specific and transferable skills.

travel costs.

transitions at the beginning and/or the end of the PhD studentship, enabling students to prepare for PhD training, advance their scientific careers or move to a career of their choice.

Deadline is June 6, 2019

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